Infinitely Blue


Infinitely endless sky,
Deeps are passing, time goes by.
Lost the way, looking for track?
Keep your head up, don’t head back.
Arrow always got a point.
Flock of arrows, now you’re joined.

On the road when on the fly,
Flying high under the sky.
Arrows of a feather
Relish flawless weather.

Leave the sky to arrows.
Rest of world’s not narrow.

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Doggish mirror

Dig the burrow,
Scratch the ground.
Make a thorough
Sandy mound.

Back from sea to sunny land.
Feel the warm when bathe in sand.
Ripple perfect water mirror.
Wet the paws and sense no shiver.

In the winter don’t be bold,
One can catch some ugly cold.
Better be a patient dog
Than in ice cube frozen frog.

Squirelly digestive


Complete. Finished. Brimful belly.
Is there something good on telly?
It would be a deadly fault
Try to make a somersault.

Out of turkey, out of pie,
Say to dessert last goodbye.
Out of fruits and out of cake,
Nothing cold and nothing baked.

Don’t you feel Christmassy, festive?
Ask Santa for more digestives.


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